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The Zuidas has high ambitions with respect to sustainability. The area aims to
develop into an excellent BREEAM area. Hello Zuidas wants to contribute to a
sustainable work and living environment.

Hello Zuidas is in this context closely related with the Green Business Club Zuidas (GBC), the Dutch Green Building Council and other organizations currently working on sustainability at the Zuidas.

With the intensive cooperation between these organizations and Hello Zuidas, the Zuidas will be the Dutch example of how combined initiatives can contribute to a sustainable and enriched environment.

In the context of sustainability Hello Zuidas executes the following activities:

Clean, complete and safe
Initiate and coordinate actions with respect to efficient usage of energy,
renewable energy generation, and reducing waste and materials.

Accessibility and mobility
Create cooperations within the Zuidas area to improve accessibility and
sustainable mobility.

Developing and supporting initiatives that stimulate the socio-economic vitality
of the area. Including start ups, sustainable initiatives and joint community
projects in the Zuidas that contribute to a positive and lively perception of the
area. By day, at the afternoon and during the weekend.

Green Business Club
Many companies in Zuidas are renowned when it comes to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. At the same time, sustainability is one of the guiding principles behind the development of Zuidas. The Green Business Club brings both together. It is a new initiative that unites innovative businesses and organizations through topics related to sustainability. Like a good business club should, the Green Business Club involves more than just networking. The Green Business Club stimulates cooperation in projects with compelling results. It therefore provides an open innovation infrastructure.




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