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Servicepoint Hello Zuidas

A clean public space is a precondition for a prime location like Zuidas. The area looks a lot nicer when there is no litter in the verges, when bikes are placed neatly in racks in the stalls and when garbage is picked up regularly. Hello Zuidas has made arrangements with for example the NS, Dienst Zuidas and the city district Zuid, so that public space is cared for just as well as privately owned space in the area.

Company facility managers, but employees and residents too, can contact our service desk in the WTC Amsterdam, visit our website at www.hellozuidas.com, mail us at servicepoint@hellozuidas.com or call us at 020 - 333 74 41 to report complaints or give ideas concerning cleanliness and safety. Hello Zuidas will make sure all reports are treated quickly and adequately.

There is a quarterly council meeting Hello Zuidas about safety, maintenance and (road) construction in the area. The following participants are in this Hello Zuidas meeting; facility managers, city district Zuid, NS, Dienst Zuidas and the police. The next meeting will be held on January 10 at WTC management.

Three times a year Hello Zuidas commissions an intensive inspection of the quality of the public space in the area. Hello Zuidas reports the findings to the different area managers and makes agreements as to increasing the quality. Point in case is the Service Level Agreement that has been signed with local governments concerning the level of maintenance at Zuidas.




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Servicepoint Hello Zuidas

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